Cranio Sacral Therapist Roger Swanson: Unpack and release the body's history of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental trauma with the quantum magic of positive and negative charges. .

The Soulfam Podcast

03-09-2022 • 28 mins

Roger Swanson, a cranio sacral therapist of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, shares an in-depth point of view of his gifts and professional practice. The body carries trauma...emotional, mental, physical and spiritual cracks in its depths. But the body can carry trauma of any kind for only so long. Having studied at the Upledger Institute for Cranio Sacral therapy, Roger applies learned skills with energetic gifts to release held energy....a simple walk through quantum physics and the use of positive and negative charges. In this episode, Roger treats listeners to a virtual session with co-host Lexi Strumor Saldin. His work is effective in person or across the virtual healing plane. Roger's understanding of his gifts and life purpose came at a later stage in his life. Roger offers individual sessions and occasional weekend retreats at his New Mexico home. Cranio sacral work sometimes requires layers of trauma to be released, and on other occasions simply talking to your body to clear and release held trauma, says Roger. The Soulfam Podcast appreciates your understanding of a technically-shortened interview. And now here's Roger!    @upledgerinstituteclinic   The Soulfam Podcast appreciates every download, every listen and every like. With love, from your Soulfam.

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