Check your astrological grocery list and purpose with AM Penn, astrologer/instructor of Tenth_House_Sun. Heads up on Lunar and Solar Eclipses, North Nodes and Piscean transits!!!!

The Soulfam Podcast

25-08-2022 • 58 mins

AM Penn is a life interpretative astrologer whose understanding of the universe encourages listeners to empower themselves and their communities through the alignment of the stars. Not without a sense of mystery, AM — who can be found on Instagram at Tenth_House_Sun — provides practical advice and instruction for a deeper knowledge of ourselves and of the planet and its current intense changes of nearly every construct…education, finance, living. In this episode of The Soulfam Podcast, AM discusses our very revealing North Nodes, the influence of solar and lunar eclipses and just how life on planet Earth may unfold in the next year as we traverse Taurian and Piscean energies. AM is an astrology instructor at 22 Teachings and is available for both tarot and astrology readings through on her Instagram and at 22 Teachings. Stay posted for her upcoming classes at 22 Teachings.  The Soulfam Podcast at Patreon. Stay tuned for more episodes and book recommendations from today's leading and rising experts in consciousness, entertainment, health and science for this galaxy and galaxies way way beyond. Welcome to the multi-verse!!!

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