Xiaomi Pad 6 review: Great value


Jun 23 2023 • 36 mins

Xiaomi's latest mid-range tablet is here in the form of the Xiaomi Pad 6 and the company's newest offering doesn't seem to have a lot of competition from other brands this year. The tablet features a few notable upgrades in terms of hardware over its predecessor.

Is the Xiaomi Pad 6 the best Android tablet you can buy in its price segment? Gadgets 360 reviewer Pranav Hegde discusses this and more with guest host Sheldon Pinto on the latest weekly episode of Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast.

Does the company offer a good choice of accessories with the Xiaomi Pad 6? Does it perform well enough for you use the tablet as your primary work device instead of your laptop? We discuss these questions and more on the latest episode.

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  • Intro (00:00)
  • Pricing (01:13)
  • Display quality (08:10)
  • Performance (15:40)
  • Accessories (19:41)
  • Battery life (21:39)
  • Cameras (29:16)
  • Outro (35:55)

    Cover: Xiaomi Pad 6. Photo credit: Pranav Hegde