Simon Poole: The state of OpenStreetMap editors


Dec 11 2023 • 38 mins

Simon Poole returns to Geomob this week for a deeper look at building an OpenStreetMap editor. Having spent the last ten years working on Vespucci, an OSM editor for Android phones, Simon is well versed in OSM editor innovation. Editors have come a long way since OSM started. The main difference is that everyone now has a mobile device, and for some users, that’s all they have. The devices themselves have evolved with a wide range of features and sensors, how do they impact the capabilities of OSM editors such as Vespucci? There are actually only a handful of "full" editors currently active while there are many specific use case editors with a small number of users. Join Ed and Simon as they discuss the positives and negatives of creating new editors (as opposed to joining active projects).

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