Tech Dirty 2 Me

Heather Openshaw

Tech & society podcast with creative regular folk and tech experts. We discuss emerging technology, like AI and robotics, and how the technological revolution affects society, including you and your life.

Host and produced by Heather Openshaw, a long-time tech-curious civilian in partnership with cohosts Nagela Nukuna (White House USDS) and David Bruemmer (DARPA SCA, W8less Founder, Autonomy Institute). Tech Dirty 2 Me was born from the desire to connect everyday people with access to tech experts in a way that feels like listening to a dinner table conversation instead of a lecture or, worse, the unrelatable blatherings of out-of-touch elites.

We often discuss tech using the language of nature and spirituality. This is an effective way to communicate complex subjects in an accessible and relatable manner for wider audiences. We ask questions about consciousness, the relationship between humans, AI, robotics, and nature, the moral consequences of our design decisions, and how society might react to the endless emerging changes.

We hope you will listen, ask questions, and disseminate any wisdom you gain to your local communities, helping them feel more empowered as we enter the Golden Age of Technology.

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