What conversation is the country currently having about the Voice?

Blak Matters

Oct 4 2023 • 22 mins

There are less than two weeks to go until people across the country cast their vote on the referendum for constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians, and the creation of a proposed advisory body made up of First Nations people who would be able to advise the government on policies that affect them.

With over 900,000 Australians already making the choice to cast their vote early, there are conversations underway among friends, family and community on how people should vote on the Voice.

This week on Blak Matters, Teela Reid and Michael 'MC' Christian are joined again by Whadjuk Noongar journalist Narelda Jacobs OAM to explore the conversations she's been having while travelling across Australia to report on the Voice, and what she wants you to consider before you cast your vote.

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