How Gas Station Credit Card Scams Work


Oct 21 2022 • 57 mins

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Gas station credit card scams (also known as credit card skimming) can affect anyone who uses their credit or debit cards at ATMs, gas stations, restaurants or retail stores.

A skimmer is a device installed on card readers that collects card numbers. Criminals will later recover and use this stolen info for fraudulent purchases. In this episode, we talk about how this scheme works, how thieves make money with the data, and what steps you can take to hopefully avoid getting your card information and money stolen.

Show Notes

0:00 Why this topic
8:00 The Darkweb: Honor among thieves?
9:30 Favorite Soprano TV show scene
11:15 EMV chip use in America
26:36 What’s done with the stolen credit card info?
30:30 Look how fast the fake credit card skimmer is installed!
33:25 The Target hack
34:15 Why you should cover the keypad when entering your PIN.
35:40 What to do when spending money while on vacation.
40:30 Flipper Zero
45:40 Cyber Security Resources For Women
52:45 Major gas line problem causes 60 explosions

Thank you to Ebony Nyenya from for a great a conversation about this fascinating topic! ⭐ Also this is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! has a very informative breakdown on the real reason Cybersecurity Awareness Month matters.

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