MURDERED: Debanhi Escobar

The Murder Diaries

Mar 9 2023 • 33 mins

An eerie photo of a young woman standing alone on the edge of a dark deserted highway has come to symbolize this growing crisis in Mexico- the disappearance and murder of women. It sparked a fire among women and activists in a country where women’s disappearances and murders are often downplayed or ignored altogether. This woman had a bright future ahead of her and yet like thousands of others, her life was cut short. But because of this photo, her case is providing hope and solace to a nation of women living in fear. Her name is Debanhi Escobar. This is her story. RESOURCES: Music Used: Walking with the Dead by Maia Wynne Link: License: Ghost Story by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Our Links: Website: Patreon: Buy Us a Coffee: Instagram: TikTok: Edited by: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit