MURDERED: Cori Daye Desmond

The Murder Diaries

Nov 10 2022 • 26 mins

Big Bear, CA. A resort, mountain town in Southern California’s San Bernadino mountains, popular with tourists from near and far throughout all seasons. About 15 miles out of town is the small town of Running Springs. It's there in a ravine off CA Highway 330 the body of 28 year old Cori Desmond was found wrapped in trash bags. Cori was from Redondo Beach, about 100 miles away. The question stood for investigators, how did she end up in a ravine so far away and who murdered her? This is her story. Resources: On the case with Paula Zahn – Season 8, ep 14 Memorial video: Music Used: Walking with the Dead by Maia Wynne Link: License: Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Our Links: Website: Patreon: Buy Us a Coffee: Instagram: TikTok: Edited by: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit