E157 - Lore - The Sword Coast: The Edge of Adventure

It’s A Mimic!

Jan 25 2022 • 1 hr 34 mins

This episode of this It’s A Mimic podcast brings the conversation back to the Forgotton Realms, as well as the part the world that is Faerun’s hot pot of adventure: the Sword Coast.  Exploring what is Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition's primary playground, this panel of Dungeon Masters seeks to better understand the Sword Coast, it’s bright lights of civilization, and what do to if your party's adventures brings you into the wilds between cities...

Cold Open 0:00 Intro 0:52 The Sword Coast 2:33 Commercial Break 39:25 Neverwinter 44:49 Social Media Info 1:12:53 Surrounding Threats 1:13:28 Outro 1:31:24 Post-Credit 1:32:27 Bloopers 1:34:42


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Dungeon Master:  Dan O’Coin Host 2:  James Sealy Host 3:  Brad McMann

Written by:  Dan O’Coin Director:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason Audio Editor:  Dan O'Coin Video Editor:  Adam Nason Produced by:  Dan O'Coin and Adam Nason Executive Producers:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason Intro/Outro Music by:  Cory Wiebe Logo by:  Katie Skidmore at https://www.instagram.com/clementineartportraits/

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