Toby Anderson

Missing Persons

Apr 22 2023 • 34 mins

Episode 71 Toby Anderson

16 Year old Toby Eugene Anderson vanished from the Selma, Oregon area in the Fall of 1988.
Toby was living with his Uncle, Almer "Billy" Wright, and Billy's children. One day without warning, Billy informed Toby's school that he had moved back to California to live with his father and would not be back.This proved not to be true, and Toby was never seen again.
Following Toby's disappearance, his Uncle Billy gave conflicting stories as to what had happened with Toby, and where he might be. When it came to light that Billy had molested children, he was sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence.
Toby's father looked for him for years and passed away without ever finding our what happened to his son. Years later, Toby's cousin Denise started looking into his disappearance, and came to suspect that he may have met with foul play at the hands of his Uncle Blly, and thinks he may have other victims out there. Since then, Denise has worked to find Toby but has faced roadblocks along the way, including being unable to search property where she thinks Toby's remains may be. She discusses her cousin Toby's case in this episode, and her efforts to see justice done.

At the time he vanished, Toby Eugene Anderson was approximately 5ft5-5ft7, and weighed around 170 pounds, He had Brown hair and Green eyes. If you have information about Toby's case, please call the Oregon State Police at 800-442-2068

Toby's case has been entered into NAMUS.

There is an active Facebook group discussing Toby's case.

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