Patricia Otto

Missing Persons

Feb 25 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Episode 68 Patricia Otto

1976 was a trying time for 24 Year-Old wife & mother of 2, Patricia Lee Otto, or Patty as she went by. She had endured a very rocky relationship with her husband Ralph and the couple had broken up with plans of divorcing. Patty was working on a future without Ralph in he life and trying to provide a stable enviornment for her daughters. She was going to school, and during her split from Ralph, Patty even started dating a friend from her past. Somehow though, Patty reconciled with Ralph and decided to give the relationship another try. In early September, 1976, Ralph found out that Patty had dated someone during their time apart and was furious. In an angry, drunken range, he searched out the man Patty had dated intending to confront him gun in hand. He didn't find him and returned home where he confronted Patty leading to a violent argument. The couple's young daughters recalled seeing the argument get physical and before they knew it, Patty was missing.
The next day, Ralph told his children that their mother had left them and didn't want to be a mom any longer.
When Patty's family realized that Patty was missing, and that she hadn't taken her car or any of her belongings, they became worried and called police. Ralph told police various stories about where Patty had gone. Initially police thought that Patty had left to clear her head and would return soon. When days of her being missing turned into weeks, police became suspicious of Ralph but they had no evidence to prove Ralph had harmed Patty.
Patty's case would go cold. The bodies of 2 women would eventually be found years after Patty vanished that police thought may have been Patty's. One was able to be ruled out, but the second body which was more promising, wound up being cremated. Today, more than 46 years after Patty was last seen, her case remains unsolved, and her family is still searching for her. If Patty's husband Ralph had any answers, he took them to the grave dying in prison for an unrelated crime.
Patty's daughter Suzanne, who still recalls the last time she saw her mom in a heated argument with her father, discusses the case in this episode and her efforts to find out what happened to Patty.

To learn more about Patty's case or share information, visit the Facebook Page Patty's Voice setup by Suzanne.

Patty was described as 5'3, 140 pounds and was last seen wearing A white top and red slacks. If you have information about the disappearance of Patricia Otto, please call the
Lewiston Police Department 208-746-0171

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