License To Parent: A Dad's Perspective on Raising Kids, Creating Films & Navigating Career Pivots

Mom's Calling

Apr 12 2022 • 32 mins

We're getting a dad’s perspective on Mom's Calling! My guest is a father of five who created a documentary film about parenting. Like myself, he's a podcaster with a background in TV news.

George Siegal worked as a weathercaster, newscaster, sportscaster, and feature reporter in markets from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Seattle and Detroit. He runs a video production company that produces commercials, infomercials and a documentary film company, called Move the World Films.

He wrote, directed and produced the film License to Parent, which we talk about in this episode. And if that’s not enough his podcast, Tell Us How to Make It Better features real people, working on real-world problems, and actual solutions.

Enjoy this conversation!

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