BREAKING: “Department of No” Upgraded to “Department of Slow”

CISO Series Podcast

Mar 19 2024 • 36 mins

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This week’s episode is hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series and Mike Johnson, CISO, Rivian. Joining me is our sponsored guest, Nadav Lotan, product management team leader, Cisco.

In this episode:

  • How can security teams do their jobs without seeming like an impediment to developers?

  • Why can this relationship seem oppositional?

  • How can both sides work together to better secure software without seeming like a road block?

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Panoptica, Cisco’s Cloud Application Security Platform

Panoptica, Cisco’s Cloud Application Security solution, provides end-to-end lifecycle protection for cloud native application environments. It empowers organizations to safeguard their APIs, serverless functions, containers, and Kubernetes environments. Panoptica ensures comprehensive cloud security, compliance, and monitoring at scale, offering deep visibility, contextual risk assessments, and actionable remediation insights for all your cloud assets.