I've Never Been Like My Twin Sister

Life Animated Story

Feb 9 2024 • 14 mins

Hi, I’m Brenda! My parents were bankers. They taught me to be modest and fair. There was nothing special about me. The only thing that ever made me stand out was my love for horses. Those amazing animals have always fascinated me, and I have been doing equestrian sports ever since I was a kid. My horseback riding teacher's name was Eva. She was a real lady: elegant and kind. I considered Eva my mentor and trusted her with all my secrets. Eva's husband, a wealthy entrepreneur called Omar, was the exact opposite, rude and cruel. The only person he loved other than himself was his bratty son Karim. Omar treated his wife terribly! Karim was part of the same club as me. I saw how spoiled he was and how little respect he had for everyone around him, even his mother.

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