How do you use a Financial Advisor in a Collaborative Divorce?

Welcome to Splitsville | Navigating Divorce in a Modern World

Apr 29 2019 • 29 mins

Divorce does not have to be an exclusively adversarial process. Today, collaborative divorce is becoming more mainstream and in this episode of Welcome to Splitsville, we explore the benefits of using a financial advisor in a collaborative divorce. Today we're back with Beth Gregg, Wealth Manager, CDFA, Financial and Divorce Planner, and Managing Partner at Fairview Strategic Partners. If you are a couple who have decided to take the mostly non-adversarial road through Splitsville, our conversation on the benefits of using a financial neutral in the collaborative divorce process is for you.

In a collaborative divorce, the role of a financial neutral is to work with couples in an impartial way to produce financial documents that can be used by attorneys to craft good Separation Agreements. 2:25 Working with the couple and both attorneys through a free flow of information among all parties, financial neutrals gain a clear picture of the couples financial life prior to divorce allowing the parties to use that information advocate what they will need in the future post-divorce. 8:37

Beth discusses how she supports couples in making smarter decisions on how to split assets and how to best prepare for a financial crisis should one arise during the divorce or post-divorce. 17:17 Beth also explains how the process for a financial neutral differs for collaborative cases versus contested cases and how having a financial neutral look over the final agreement as can happen in collaborative cases is a real benefit to both parties in many cases. 20:58

Finally, Beth outlines a number of things a financial neutral is not allowed to do after they've helped a couple through a collaborative case. 26:00

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Beth Gregg, Wealth Manager, CDFA, Financial and Divorce Planner, and Managing Partner at Fairview Strategic Partners, and with LPL Financial. Securities are offered through LPL Financial, member of FINRA, SIPC.

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