Does Your Diagnosis Matter in Your Child Custody Case?

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Jul 8 2019 • 23 mins

Child custody cases are tough on everyone. When one parent has a mental health diagnosis things can get very complicated. On this episode of Welcome to Splitsville, we explore how a parent’s mental health diagnosis may affect a child custody case.

Today’s conversation is with Sean Knuth, a licensed psychologist in North Carolina who specializes in forensic psychology. Sean works with the Mecklenburg County Forensic Evaluation Unit as the Director of Training and operates a practice dealing with high-conflict child custody cases.

Sean opens the podcast by discussing the danger of relying solely on a mental health diagnosis in determining a person’s ability to effectively parent their child. 2:44 Sean then explains his process for determining how a mental health diagnosis may affect parenting ability. 3:16

Sean discusses working with parents who raise concerns over the effectiveness of the other parent as a result of a mental health issue. 11:55 Sean then talks about the difficulty of predicting how a court will view a diagnosis and the necessity of analyzing each case individually. 15:44 Sean wraps up the podcast by highlighting the importance of asking, "how well does the person parent?" rather than "what is the parent's diagnosis?" 19:19

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