How Do You Pick a Therapist?

Welcome to Splitsville | Navigating Divorce in a Modern World

Aug 5 2019 • 34 mins

Often a breakup is too stressful for a person to handle on their own. Divorce attorneys are often asked for recommendations on finding a good therapist. On this episode of Welcome to Splitsville, we explore how to pick a therapist and the therapist's role in helping you through a divorce.

Today's conversation is with Dr. Sean Knuth, a licensed psychologist in North Carolina who specializes in forensic psychology. Sean works with the Mecklenburg County Forensic Evaluation Unit as the Director of Training and runs a therapy practice dealing with child custody and litigation-related cases.

Sean starts the podcast by discussing how a person might go about selecting a therapist without any knowledge of the profession. 2:07 Sean then discusses the role of referrals and the affect health insurance has on picking a good therapist. 3:32 Just like with other professions, credentials matter. Sean talks about how credentials, experience, and how a person gets along matter when picking a therapist. 7:04

Sean discusses the differences between a therapist who works with only children, only adults, or someone who works with all ages. 9:50 Sean then talks about how a person can know when or if they are making progress with a therapist, especially when a child is involved. 12:06 Just like when a person is seeing a lawyer, talks with a therapist are often confidential. Sean discusses when a therapist's sessions are and are not confidential. 21:59 Sean wraps up the conversation by talking about oversight for therapists in North Carolina compared to unlicensed therapists. 28:15

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