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#AskAbhijit 156: Girls, AI, China, Japan, Nukes, Education, Africa, Mosquitoes, Hypnosis, Galaxies..
Mar 5 2023
#AskAbhijit 156: Girls, AI, China, Japan, Nukes, Education, Africa, Mosquitoes, Hypnosis, Galaxies..
Episode 156 of the #AskAbhijit show: Ask me interesting questions, and I shall answer them. 🕉️🕉️ Join my Introductory Course on Indian History: Bharata: A Biography of the Oldest Civilization 🪔🪔 Start learning here - OUTLINE: TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Countdown- Intro Music 1:00 Introduction- Hi, Hello,... 3:33 Some General Information 5:53 (1) Did sir talk about history and geopolitics with girls when he was younger? 11:11 (2) What is sir's take on the rise of AI applications like chatGPT?... 22:21 (3) Godel's incompleteness theorem and it's implications on AI? 30:31 (4) Is a war between India and China inevitable within this decade? 40:07 (5) Why is the world listening to India now and not before and what have we done to do this? 48:38 (6) What does sir think of US's vassal Japan's decision of skipping G20 foreign meeting due to Budget session despite joint military and bilateral cooperation taken place? 54:08 (7) Does India also have a nuclear football or something like POTUS have where PM can give direct command to fire the nuclear missile? 1:01:04 (8) If ashoka was a buddhist before war then whysuch false naarrative for long period?to demean hinduism? 1:07:10 (9) Someone came across a claim and wants sir to shed some light on, that buddhist monks persectued by brahmins in ancient india 1:14:33 (10) Can sir explain why Indian Education is a failure but still it produced many great people. 1:19:32 (11) Does sir think there should be law for minium qualification to become a MP or MLA? 1:26:50 (12) Can Indian subcontinent reunite again or work like EU?what should be the steps and how much time it'll take? 1:34:12 (13) Did Europeans conduct any genocide against Africans like the one they did to native americans? 1:39:16 (14) Why are black americans called african americans but white americans are not called european americans? 1:44:18 (15) Why didn't the ottomans conquer and occupy persia even after defeating persia numerous times? 1:50:04 (16) How did ancient indian prevent mosquitos and other insects as many poeple kept their doors and windows open? 1:52:45 (17) With present day tech, is it possible to genetically re-engineer extinct species like dinosaurs, sabertooths & mammoths?How long can DNA be used to clone life before it becomes useless? 1:58:23 (18) Is Hypnotism real or just a trick?... 2:03:21 (19) About Andromeda galaxy and said to have a cannibalistic appetite for other galaxies? why does a galaxy devour smaller galaxies?... 2:06:09 (20) sun will not last that long? 2:06:58 (21) What does sir think about good relationship of a woman and built on trust/love with a woman? 2:07:52 (22) Time for sir's own discord server? 2:08:17 (23) Best way to inculcate self discipline?... 2:10:10 Conclusion- Thank You...