131. The timeless truths of corporate finance–and three challenges ahead

Inside the Strategy Room

25-08-2022 • 38 mins

In this episode we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our quarterly journal, McKinsey on Finance. We discuss the timeless truths of corporate finance, highlight three urgent challenges facing companies today, and look at how the fundamentals of finance can help business leaders address them.

Sean Brown is joined by Tim Koller, a partner in our Denver office who oversees McKinsey on Finance and helps lead our global team of corporate finance consultants. Tim is also co-author of the best-selling book ‘Valuation’, now in its seventh edition with nearly a million copies sold.

Joining Tim and Sean for today’s conversation is Obi Ezekoye, a partner in our Minneapolis office and an expert on M&A integrations and divestitures. Obi serves global energy and materials clients. Also with us is Werner Rehm, a partner in our New Jersey office who leads our Strategy Analytics Center and serves high tech, industrial, and pharmaceutical clients.

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