Shawn 1113 Podcast Show (NFL Super Wild Card 2022 Over or Under)

Shawn1113 Podcast Show

Jan 11 2022 • 6 mins

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Shawn's Steals NFL top 14 after week 18

1) Green Bay

2) Tennessee

3) Kansas City

4) Tampa Bay

5) Dallas

6) Buffalo

7) Arizona

8) L.A. Rams

9) Cincinnati

10) New England

11) San Francisco

12) Philadelphia

13) Las Vegas

14) Pittsburgh

NFL Super Wild Playoffs:  Over/ Under picks

-San Francisco at Dallas will under  50.5 points

-Philadelphia at Tampa Bay will be over 51  points

-New England at Buffalo will be under 43 points

-Arizona At L.A. Rams  will be over  50 points

-Las Vegas  at Cincinnati will be over 49.5 points

-Pittsburgh at Kansas City will be over 46.5  points

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