Decoding the Rupee for Rupee impact of blended finance ft. Ramraj Pai

Decoding Impact

May 4 2024 • 1 hr 14 mins

At the core of enabling sustainable development it comes down to how it is funded that determines the success or failure of making true and lasting progress. Currently we face a significant challenge with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, as there is a huge constraint in the lack of available funds to meet out the expense of realising these goals. So how can finance maximise impact? In this latest episode of Decoding Impact we explore the topic of Blended Finance as a potential solution that can diversify sources of capital, from both commercial and public stakeholders. Through this discussion we break down and help listeners understand what is blended finance, the nuances behind its application, the risks, and where it should not be used, the enabling ecosystem that would allow blended finance to scale, and the regulatory challenges. Joining host Rathish Balakrishnan to discuss this topic is Ramraj Pai, Senior Advisor and ex-CEO at the Impact Investors Council (IIC). From his experience in social financing, Ramraj is able to shed light on this seemingly obscure topic and explain it in a very practical and example-based manner. If you want to understand blended finance, or look at how capital can enable impact with a rupee for rupee value, tune into this episode of Decoding Impact today! Explore some of our SKI products related to this topic: • Decoding Green Growth with Amitabh KantDecoding Climate Finance with Varad Pande Guidebook: CSR and Corporate Philanthropy Towards Innovation Investing for Impact: Social Stock Exchange in India Guest: Ramraj Pai Host: Rathish Balakrishnan Producer: Meenakshi Iyer Produced by: Pickle Jar Media


00:00 - Precap

01:28 - Welcome

01:38 - Topic & Guest Intro

03:05 - Ramraj Pai's journey in blended finance

06:51 - Lessons from working in the impact ecosystem

12:25 - Blended Finance for dummies

18:48 - Understanding four essential truths of blended


22:29 - The nuances of stakeholders in blended finance

31:14 - Summarising insights around blended finance and considering the larger framework

36:12 - Categories for blended finance application

39:41 - The role of blended finance to scale innovation

42:20 - What is limiting the supply and demand of blended finance?

47:03 - The mindset shift needed for development financing to be catalytic & innovative

50:44 - Where can funders begin their blended finance journey and how can the government enable them?

55:44 - Summarising insights on how to enable the ecosystem and infrastructure for blended finance

59:04 - Regulatory challenges

01:04:36 - Blended finance and the four stages of the innovation life cycle

01:06:54 - Summary of key insights and enabling domestic philanthropy and the Social Stock Exchange

01:12:56 - Summary and thanks