Lou Lentino-Rodriguez - The Actor Who is Moving from the Minors to the Majors

The Artist Matters

Mar 25 2019 • 1 hr 1 min

"Acting is like a disease, I don't know when or if it can be cured, all I know is that if I give up, It will surely kill me." This describes today's guest, actor Lou Lentino-Rodgriguez to a tee. As early as he can remember, he was entertaining the family doing character impressions and dancing and singing. It came natural to him. Maybe not by accident either. Turns out his family has connection to none other than Jimmy Durante. And when he did his first role as a dancing snowflake in a school play, he knew this was his calling. As he got older, Lou began pursuing acting and landed his first extra role in the TV show, Central Park West. From there, he landed other roles in plays, such as Stalag 17, Romeo & Juliet, The Passion of Dracula, Extremities and Wait Until Dark. Lou has been at this for 20 plus years and finally hitting some strides, with roles in TV series, such as Blue Bloods, Gotham, The Blacklist and High Maintenance. And just last week, he finally got his SAG/AFTRA card. A friend of his described him as the 49-year-old minor league ball player who never made it to the pros, BUT never gave up. And that's Lou. If his opening quote gives you any indication, he can't not act. Despite the struggles and competition, acting brings him joy and he has to do it. This man defines perseverance and I truly applaud him for that. And I think you will too. Enjoy my chat with Lou Lentino-Rodriguez.