Rodini Almonacy - Graphic Artist : "Do it Till it Can't Be Done"

The Artist Matters

Apr 22 2019 • 55 mins

What would it mean to you if your mother said you have a special mission in life? For this episode's guest, Rodini Almonacy, it means a great deal. Not only because his mother actually said this to him, but also for the fact that his own life almost never began. That is because Rodini was stillborn! I kid you not. Obviously, he's a survivor. And this plays a huge part in how he approaches life, work, everything. So, where does the special mission come into play? Rodini discovered a passion for art at a young age. As he got older, he was drawn into the world of graphic arts. Staring off small by creating logos for clothing, making up party flyers. But demand for his work started to grow to the point where he needed help. So, Rodini created his own graphic design company, Maximum Grafx. More clients and gigs kept his company busy. Eventually, the company grew into Maximum Marketing Media Group and Rodini earned a new title as a Consultant. And that became Maximum Marketing Enterprises. Rodini also created This helps and showcases young basketball players. Through it all, he stays grounded with his wife and five children. A man with a good heart wanting to not only make his clients happy, but anyone he comes into contact with. This was such an inspiring chat we had and I'm sure you're going to be inspired too. Enjoy my conversation with Rodini.