Keith Surplus - Actor/Performer: Florida Style (Part 1)

The Artist Matters

Jun 10 2019 • 55 mins

Today’s guest is someone I’ve known for 10 years. Back in 2009, he joined me and the cast of “The Godfather’s Messhuggener Wedding” dinner show. He is Keith Surplus. He jumped right into his role as Bernie, the Jewish groom and went on to play other varied and different characters in other shows we did. But his story goes back to visual arts as a kid. Then, in his teen years, he discovered the theatre. Getting roles in musicals, like “Annie” and “The King & I” at venues in Florida such as Richey Suncoast and the Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center. After I got to work with him in the Standing Ovation Dinner Theatre shows, I knew I had to cast him in my Dog Whisperer parody video called “The Dog Talkerer”. Keith has also been part of the 48 Hour Film Project, in which a short movie is created from concept to production to completion in 48 hours. There’s much more to Keith story which you will hear next week. That’s right! For the first time, I’m breaking this interview into two parts. Keith had so much to say and we almost reached the 2-hour mark, so I said, let’s split this up. Enjoy the part one of my interview with Keith Surplus.