Barbie Bowser - Musician/Photographer - You MAKE Pictures, You Don't Take Pictures

The Artist Matters

Apr 1 2019 • 43 mins

What do you get when you combine a love of music with a love of photography? You get today's guest, Barbie Bowser. She found her love of music first. Learning the piano and the clarinet and later in life, the guitar, playing in school bands and church worship teams. Her husband Chuck introduced her to the world of photography and she was hooked. And in her 40's, Barbie decided to take it seriously. She went to the Art Institute of Tampa, got her Bachelor's Degree and was soon working. From wedding photography to shooting virtual tours of luxury hotels and resorts. Barbie now has her own photography business. To further expand her creativity, along with her husband, she started a blog and Youtube channel called the Bowser Journal. It just goes to show that no matter what age, you can always find ways to channel your creativity and maybe even make a profit from it. Enjoy my chat with Barbie Bowser!

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