James T Ellison : Illustrator - Living the Grizzly Life

The Artist Matters

May 13 2019 • 1 hr 5 mins

What is grizzly life? Today's guest, Illustrator and Designer, James T Ellison can explain. For the last few years, James has been pursuing his dream as a freelance illustrator. He studied graphic design at Northern Kentucky University, but is mostly self-taught. He has gone to comic conventions and craft festivals to showcase his work. He's created posters for a local bar, logos for small businesses, T-shirt designs and more. But illustrating remains his passion. With the dream being, story telling via comic books and graphic novels.  But his health took a hit a few years back. James lives with a chronic autoimmune disease, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Yet, he hasn't allowed this to slow him down. He's dedicating the rest of his life to spreading awareness through art and speaking about chronic invisible diseases. The grizzly "within" keeps him active in other areas too. James likes to go hiking in his favorite National forest, walking his dog through the city, spending quality time with family, his black lab, Daisy and kitten, Lancelot in Covington, KY. An inspiring story to say the least, enjoy my chat with James.