Rebeca Flott - Painter/Podcaster : Create Things You Love

The Artist Matters

Jul 22 2019 • 1 hr 9 mins

Here we have a prime example of an artist living the American dream. But she had to leave her home country of Brazil to do it. Today we have painter, entrepreneur and podcaster, Rebeca Flott. Painting was what she loved to do at an early age. But family finances were tight and canvases were not affordable. So, she improvised and painted on tiles, wood, whatever she could find. But Rebeca yearned to make here mark in America. So, with only $500 in her pocket, she made the move, stopping in Florida first. She learned the language and had to find jobs to support her art. It’s here that she met her husband and together they decided to move to Colorado. From there, they built up the business with her name in it, Rebeca Flott Arts. And to make her stand out, she went back to her roots and created a way of painting on screens. And business is thriving. Plus she found time to have a son and even start a podcast called JUMP. This was truly one of the most inspiring and touching conversations I’ve had yet. To come from another country and believe you can make a living with your creativity and talent and actually do that. A success story indeed. Take a listen to my chat with Rebeca Flott.