Laurie Ann Davis - Acting is a Way In

The Artist Matters

Mar 11 2019 • 1 hr 1 min

Did you ever fell like you just didn't fit in with any group? That there was something about you that was different? That's how today's guest, Laurie Ann Davis felt when she was a kid. But once she found acting, she knew where she belonged. Playing Anne Frank was the catalyst to push her to pursue this as a career. Taking classes. Auditioning. Getting roles on stage and screen. Someone felt she could be a teacher, so she decided to start teaching acting in the basement of her house in Hicksville, NY. I joined her class, The Acting Experience in 1999 and Laurie had us dig deep and pull out performances from places we didn't know existed. She eventually moved her class out of the basement and to a studio, renamed Star Map Acting. But she still went for roles in film and stage. However, Laurie found that getting the right monologues for auditions was tedious and frustrating, so she wrote her own. And then, published them in her book, "Finally...Monologues That Work". She even found time to raise her son. Now, she is releasing another book, "Finally..Scenes That Work", plus just last year, Laurie found a new location to teach which is 3 Stage Studios in Bethpage, NY. One of Laurie's greatest superpowers is being relentless. Her drive and determination is what keeps her in the game. She says, "All we have is this moment. Just be human." Enjoy this moment with Laurie Ann Davis.

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