Season 3, Episode 24

Lobey, Lynchie and Friends with Hank Morse Podcast

Mar 30 2022 • 52 mins

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Slapping has become somewhat of a sport online and on social media, but Will Smith wasn't a very good sport at the Oscars. We discuss!
How are you feeling about the Patriots and Bill Belichick's lack of free agent signings so far? Worried? How about those Celtics!! They have won 24 of their last 29 and are in the hunt for the top spot in the Eastern Conference! Are you back on the Celtics wagon?

Who are you picking to win the men's NCAA national basketball championship? Are Coach K and Duke your sentimental favorites? If you could ride cross country with Rich Pitino, Bobby Knight or Mike Krzyzewski, which one would you choose? @ourbestfoods #OurBestMeatballs @ColdSpringsRV