Season 3, Episode 17

Lobey, Lynchie and Friends with Hank Morse Podcast

Feb 9 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

The Beanpot returned after a year off and it will be a battle of the hounds in the final next week with the Terriers facing the Huskies for all the beans! Two great games, last night!

Hey! Are you watching the Olympics? Lynchie is bored to tears, Lobey would rather watch paint dry, but Hank LOVES them! What say you?

It's Super Bowl week. Who you got? Rams? Bengals? Oh, did you hear? Tom Brady isn't ruling out a comeback! That didn't take long!

Who is on your Celtics 75th anniversary roster? Should the Celtics really retire Kevin Garnett's number 5? #OurBestFoods #OurBestMeatballs #ColdSpringsRV