The Disappearance of Maddy Scott

Crime Obscene

May 12 2021 • 25 mins

On May 28th, 2011, twenty-year-old Madison Geraldine Scott or Maddy, attended a birthday party at Hogsback Lake approx. 25 km southeast of Vanderhoof, British Columbia. Maddy had attended the party with her friend Jordi Bolduc. But as the evening went on and turned to midnight, Maddy retired for the night to tent she pitched beside her 1990 white Ford F150 pick up truck. A fight had broken between Jordi and a few other men at the party out and left Jodi injured and as she was drunk also felt she needed to leave with her new boyfriend. After trying to talk Maddy into leaving with them it was clear Maddy didn’t want to get up as she was already settled in for the night, Jordi left.

Between the hours of 3 am and 4 am, many of the party goers had left, and these being some of the last people to physically see the young woman, many had reported talking to her and even offering her a ride back but Maddy declined. At 8:30 am Jordi and her boyfriend returned to the campsite as she had to pick up her clothes and sleeping bag before going to work. Having arrived, Jordi noticed the tent unzipped with Maddy’s sleeping bag and stuff moved to the side but with Maddy nowhere to be seen. Jordi stated she did not see Maddy anywhere and never reported the state of the tent to anyone.

With a party of over 50 people attending, a large frame of missing time and the trail getting colder by the minute, an investigation will be launched using some of the most investigative tools than have been used in a case before in BC history and theories involving the purposed Highway of Tears and even serial killer Israel Keyes, today we look into the unexpected and truly baffling disappearance of Maddy Scott.