Allison and Marshall Brown, Winnetka Residents


Jun 28 2023 • 23 mins

Allison Brown and Marshall Brown are a dynamic couple who have experienced living in various parts of the United States before settling in Winnetka. They bring with them a unique perspective on community life and what it takes to create a sense of belonging within a local area. With Allison's upbringing in a suburban area of Los Angeles and Marshall growing up in Dallas, they've experienced different types of communities before choosing Winnetka as their home. Together, they share their insights and activities that have allowed them to fully integrate and appreciate the community vibe in Winnetka.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The unique atmosphere that makes Winnetka's community vibe stand out
  • A variety of family-friendly activities and resources available in Winnetka
  • Both outdoor and indoor leisure opportunities for fun-filled adventures in Winnetka
  • The architecture and cultural experiences that contribute to happiness in town
  • Engaging with the community and giving back to make Winnetka a better place

“Winnetka is a place that we kind of loved from day one, and we love it more and more, especially as our son gets older, it's just such a great place for...such a great place to raise a family.”

- Marshall Brown

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