How To Travel/Tour Like a Boss | ThisConnect Ep 17


Mar 23 2023 • 51 mins

Being outside the city with our machines is the part we look forward to, right? On episode 17 of #ThisConnect, Shumi and Kartikeya are discussing the tricks, tips, techniques, and the thinking they tour with so that the days outside are fun, easy and the minimum of interruptions. More podcast episodes? Go to



00:00-02:03 Snack Basket Intro

02:04-05:39 Planning Your Days

05:38-08:24 What You Travel For?

08:25-11:42 Travel Without A Plan

11:43-13:29 Highway Nights

13:30-16:38 Packing Geeks

16:39-22:57 Tools & Touring

22:58-25:09 Don't Cheap Out

25:10-29:23 Content Creators Touring

29:24-31:56 Tour Alone? Or Group?

31:57-34:32 Touring Pillion

34:33-36:18 Enjoy The Sweet Spot

36:19-40:37 Weather Men

40:38-42:41 Days To Not Travel

42:42-45:00 Sleepy?

45:01-46:59 Adverse Situations

47:00-48:56 Luggage Preferences

48:57-51:44 Closing Comments

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