Cacao Medicine with Shanti Bluebird, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, Womb Awakening, Conscious Relationship, Communion with Nature, Sacred Living, Motherhood, Altar Magick, Feminine Embodiment, and Love

Ceremony of Love

Mar 5 2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

In this podcast episode, Rebecca connects with Shanti Bluebird Cacao to discuss the deep work that Shanti is guiding others through, as well as her own journey with Cacao. Shanti is a Cacao Kuchina and Medicine Woman, she guides others through 13 Moon initiations with the 13 Original Clan Mothers, a book by Jamie Sams. This book discusses various feminine teachings and is, "Your sacred path to discovering the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine through the ancient teachings of the sisterhood." Cacao becomes the way in which those Shanti guides have the ability to embody the energy of the teachings, as well as create altars and use special ingredients as a form of physical manifestation and integration of the essences of the feminine energy they are working with. Shanti also discusses her journey into Womb Awakening, as well as her life as a mother, living in communion with nature, and how she balances conscious relationships, as well as her family life.

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