Create a Pleasure Practice - What it is and How to Start, Pleasure Practice ins and outs and the importance of connecting to your Pleasure

Ceremony of Love

Jul 24 2023 • 26 mins

In this podcast episode Rebecca speaks about what a Pleasure Practice is and how you can create one in your own life. Rebecca shares about the importance of courting your own sexual and sensual energy, and through cultivation you can live a more pleasurable life. Pleasure is something that is cultivated and something that should be nurtured, like any good relationship in life - it takes time and it requires dedication. Your pleasure is no different and you deserve to carve out time in your life to experience pleasure, which ultimately leads to more joy and vitality. A pleasure practice does not need to be a specific amount of time every single day, but rather something that you can get creative with and make your own - whether this be 5 minutes, 15 minutes or an hour! Your pleasure practice can range from breath work, to breast massage, to stimulation - whatever works for you.

Keywords: pleasure, pleasure practice, vitality, sensuality, sensual energy, joy, vitality, yoni eggs, yoni, yoni steam


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