Guided Feminine Embodiment Practice, Meet the Many Faces of the Feminine, Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, Seductress and Crone

Ceremony of Love

Jul 12 2023 • 16 mins

This podcast episode is experiential. Make yourself a delicious cup of cacao and tune into the many layers of your divine feminine. The feminine is by nature layered - she embodies so many different textures. All of these textures you have within you. Through embodiment practices we awaken the parts of us that we might have been neglecting, thereby integrating these parts into our being so that we can continue to nurture these soul aspects. In this guided meditation and embodiment practice you will step back into your power and claim the many different layers within you.


Keywords: guided meditation, guided embodiment practice, divine feminine, reawakening, integration, wild woman, maiden, mother, crone, seductress, spirituality, circle, spiral, meditation, embodiment, expansion

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