Metzler on the Mic with Omari Faulkner

Metzler on the Mic

16-02-2020 • 19 mins

Virgina Senate Candidate Omari Faulkner is on the mic with Dr. Christopher Metzler.  Omari breaks down family, politics, education and what it really means to advocate for your community.

Omari Faulkner was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to a family that taught him the meaning of family, perseverance, and dedication. His father was a truck driver who taught him to do everything to the best of his abilities, and his mother made sure he understood the importance of family and determination. His parents showed him that only Omari could define himself. His great-grandmother was the personification of hard work and community, and though she could not read or write, she inspired Omari’s life of service, faith, and optimism. Her circumstances did not define or limit her, and that life lesson would be Omari’s foundation.

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