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How I'm Setting Goals In 2024 | Ep 64
Jan 4 2024
How I'm Setting Goals In 2024 | Ep 64
Welcome to a new episode of the "Creative Business Launch" podcast! In this insightful session, host Chris Pieta dives deep into the art of goal setting and its pivotal role in scaling creative businesses, whether you're a photographer, filmmaker, or designer. Chris kickstarts 2024 with a powerful narrative on setting clear, actionable goals, drawing from his own experiences in goal setting over the past four to six years. He shares his journey of completing an Ironman triathlon in 2019 - a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run - not as an athletic feat but as a metaphor for setting and achieving challenging business goals. This episode isn't just about lofty aspirations but breaking down big goals into manageable, daily actions. Chris uses his triathlon training as an analogy for business goal setting, highlighting the importance of daily dedication and consistent effort. He offers practical advice on setting a clear standard for daily tasks, using the example of achieving a monthly revenue of $10,000 for a creative business. From determining the number of cold emails to send each day to adjusting strategies based on feedback, Chris lays out a roadmap for success. The emphasis is not on the end goal but on the daily process, the small, consistent actions that build momentum and lead to success. Chris shares how this approach has fueled his achievements, from growing his YouTube channel to 66,000 subscribers to scaling his photography business and online program. As we embrace 2024, Chris urges listeners to focus on actionable standards, reminding us that it's the daily grind, not the distant goals, that truly shapes our success. Tune in for an episode packed with valuable insights and practical tips to help you set and achieve your creative business goals this year! FREE 60-Minute Workshop: Timestamps: (1:11) - Setting Ambitious Goals (4:44) - Breaking Down Goals (9:28) - Example of Business Goal (13:08) - Consistency and Core Actions Follow Chris Pieta on socials: YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn