209: Designated. A Huge win for Kitayama, Matt's fired up about LIV and Depressed too. Joe's off to Bandon and it's The Players Week!

The Chasing Daylight Podcast

Mar 8 2023 • 1 hr 8 mins


In case you were unaware, the beer in St George, UT, is trash.

Ok, on to golf.

Matt is fired up about LIV and why they care so much about the OWGR.

The Elevated, err, The DESIGNATED events got an overhaul for 2024, and we broke it down a little bit and gave our opinions on the topic.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational was a huge hit over the weekend. And UNLV's very own Kurt Kitayama came away with his first PGA Tour and the biggest win of his worldwide golf tour.

Joe is headed to Bandon! He and  Dan are going to meet up with a few PNW guys, JP the Golf Homie (Go check out our episode with him), and they have a few rounds scheduled.

Matt fell into a state of depression and talked about how it nearly had him stepping away from the game. And he might have if not for Alex Elliot.

There’s a new grip company and they sent Matt a few to review. Check out there website and see what you think.

Matt Gonatrek,
our Local Fox5 Weatherman, gave us this weekend's Golf FORECast.

Joe also shared some stories about our favorite Golf Shoe brand TRUE Linkswear.

And we wrapped up the show with some The Players talk. We covered the Odds and our picks for this important tournament of the season.


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