The Empowered CPA

Dawn Scott

Are you looking for a place that demystifies the business side of Entrepreneurship? Hello and welcome to The Empowered CPA podcast, I am so glad you are here! I am your host Dawn Scott. Using my experience in publicly traded companies, boutique accounting firms and working with high net worth individuals, I have built an accounting practice based around the needs of passionate Entrepreneurs. I help navigate my clients through all stages of their businesses. This Podcast will talk about real life challenges and successes that my clients and I have worked through together as well as talk about developments in tax and accounting world. I am on a journey to ensure than all entrepreneurs feel empowered, capable and confident in the financial side of their business. I am certain that no one listening started their business and said to themselves “I can’t wait to spend all of my time trying to figure out tax and accounting!” This podcast is a celebration of people who have joined me on this journey with an open heart and open mind, and we will hear how they started, what they learned, obstacles they overcame, and steps they took to make the changes and meet the challenges they encountered along the way. We will laugh, share, relate, grow, and bond over our common experiences, resulting in enrichment in business, and in life. So join me on this path to prosperity, and find fresh inspiration, create new confidence, and become better entrepreneurs...together. Follow the Empowered CPA on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you enjoy listening! read less