Publishing Perspectives Podcast by Roli Pulse

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Through every adversity the world has faced, it has found a constant friend and companion in books. From pocketbooks during the Second World War to technology that allows people to carry many books at one go in the form of ebooks, our relationship with books has never faltered. This has been possible due to the adaptability of the publishing industry which has evolved with changing times, to ensure that the essential commodity for our mind and soul always remains accessible. Publishing Perspectives by Roli Pulse attempts to de-construct this ever-changing industry by bringing publishing stalwarts together for engaging discussions on its various aspects: what is independent publishing? How can books in regional languages become more accessible to global readers? What does publishing mean for young professionals in this industry? How has book marketing changed in the COVID-19 world? These episodes, published every week, open the doors of the publishing world for readers and publishers alike. Roli Pulse is a digital initiative by Roli Books. Follow Roli Books: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn.