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G.E.S. is here to help you learn how to deal with the daily B.S. while keeping your good energy & peace ūüíę by sharing personal life experiences and learned lessons; I will guide and show you how I came out on the other side of darkness. Expect an unfiltered, unedited slap of reality with many laughs and special guests. I hope to fill up your heart and soul with unconditional love for yourself because you deserve it! #sayGES#gesmindset #latinaowned #armyveteran #certifiedlifecoach read less


E6. You can Truly Overcome Anything ūüôŹ
Mar 17 2024
E6. You can Truly Overcome Anything ūüôŹ
In this conversation, Lupita (Erika) shares her journey of transformation and growth. She discusses her fitness journey, starting at Planet Fitness and finding a routine that works for her. Lupita also opens up about becoming a mother at a young age and the challenges she faced in her traditional Mexican household. She shares how she met her husband, Chalino, and the strength of their relationship. Lupita emphasizes the importance of taking control of her life and creating new, positive memories. She also discusses the support she receives from Chalino and the balance she maintains between fitness and motherhood. Throughout the conversation, Lupita's resilience and determination shine through, inspiring listeners to overcome obstacles and pursue their own personal growth. In this part of the conversation, Erika shares her journey of overcoming trauma and rebuilding relationships with her parents. She emphasizes the importance of speaking one's truth and finding forgiveness and understanding. Erika also discusses the role of social media in providing support and connection. She highlights the therapeutic benefits of exercise and the joy she finds in blogging. Additionally, Erika talks about creating a home gym and embracing self-acceptance in fitness. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the significance of celebrating birthdays and expressing gratitude for life. In this conversation, Erika and Kween discuss the importance of being present, embracing imperfections, and starting small. They share their personal journeys of growth and self-acceptance, highlighting the impact of social media on their lives. They emphasize the importance of mental health and the daily battle with self-worth. They encourage listeners to prioritize self-care and support each other in the journey of personal growth. Despite technical difficulties, their conversation serves as a reminder to appreciate life and find strength in the ups and downs. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/gesmindset/message