Episode 6: Villisca Part II - You Must Be This Tall to Swing This Axe

The Crooked Door

Nov 8 2021 • 49 mins

Last episode we covered the brutal murders of the Moore family along with Lina and Ina Stillinger, who were having a sleepover and discussed Frank Jones’ past pretty extensively and today we are going to try to wrap up all of the suspects, there are SO MANY, it’s kind of ridiculous: there is Andrew Sawyer (transient), George Kelly, Frank Jones (we talked extensively about him on ep 1), William Mansfield, Henry Lee Moore, Sam Moyer (Josiah’s sister’s husband) and Paul Mueller, we will be also talking about the extensive trials and finally the theories.


The Man From the Train: Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James
Villiscamovie.com : Edgar V. Epperly

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