The Disappearance of Dr Sneha Anne Philip: Under the Smoking Towers...


20-10-2022 • 35 mins

Dr. Sneha Anne Philip, was a fiercely independent and highly intelligent young woman from Kerala, India.

Her unquestioned care for patients, curiosity in multiple arts, and desire to see the entire world were all cut short by a troubling disappearance in September of 2001 in the hours leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, leaving all who knew her in Manhattan communitity and the entirety of New York City at large grasping for answers in a sea of mysteries that drowned us all in doubt…

As a hope to provide more substantial reasoning built upon observable evidence and situational analysis, this is an examination of the disappearance of Sneha Anne Philip in the leadup to one of the darkest days in American history, and the decades long fight for her family to set the record straight on Sneha’s fate, and ultimately, her heroic legacy.

This is Cold Case Detective.

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