Is Derek the only reg left in LA without a Remington? LA Poker Roundup Ep 21

LA Poker Roundup

Jan 31 2024 • 1 hr 21 mins

Welcome to The LA Poker Roundup! The place for recent news and events in the LA poker community, with a focus on tournaments. This week we cover: 00:00 Stream Start 00:38 intro 02:49 Results from Last week at Commerce 13:07 Results from the Bounty Multiplier 21:20 Player of the Series race 26:30 Impressions of LAPC so far 28:55 We love the structures this series 27:16 Magical Dim Sum Restaurant! 45:45 Examining Payout Structures 51:25 Rumor Mill: Theft at the wynn? 55:24 Nadia Magnus giving away main event seat to 2 women 57:05 Instant Karma in Berkey Jonathan Little feud 1:03:46 Should rabbit hunting be allowed in tournaments? 1:09:50 Year of the Dragon Mystery Bounty 1:17:15 Weekly Roundup Remember to subscribe and turn on notifications to catch each Roundup every week! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Ty's Twitter: Ty's Instagram: Derek's Twitter: Derek's YouTube: Derek's Instagram:​