LARRY gives us Quantum straight talk, and WSOPc Coming Back To LA! LA Poker Roundup Ep 29

LA Poker Roundup

Mar 27 2024 • 1 hr 47 mins

Welcome to The LA Poker Roundup! The place for recent news and events in the LA poker community, with a focus on tournaments. This week we cover: 00:00 Stream Start 00:40 Intro 03:07 WSOPC and TOC coming to Commerce!! 09:15 Larry's origin story 17:33 Spencer WInston 23:05 Larry's favorite floor call 28:10 Floorman Larry answers questions about the bike 30:33 what % of entries are unique in a quantum? 40:45 What was up with the 5pm weekday start time for day 2? 56:00 the success of 1 day events at the bike 1:01:15 Does Mo get a cut of quantum buy ins? 1:06:45 Are day 2 direct buy ins winning too much in quantums? 1:20:38 Concerns about collusion in the quantum day 1s? 1:26:56 Kathy wins in TV and Results from the Mega Millions 1:38:45 What's coming up and the weekly roundup The Commerce Casino's announces partnership with the WSOP and brings Circuits back! we chat with Larry the floor from the bike about his poker career, youtube, Quantums, and the LA Poker scene Remember to subscribe and turn on notifications to catch each Roundup every week! Larry's youtube channel: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Ty's Twitter: Ty's Instagram: Derek's Twitter: Derek's YouTube: Derek's Instagram:​ |