Complaints at the Bike + Derek makes a deep run in the Mini Mega! LA Poker Roundup Ep 33

LA Poker Roundup

Apr 17 2024 • 1 hr 25 mins

Welcome to The LA Poker Roundup! The place for recent news and events in the LA poker community, with a focus on tournaments. This week we cover: 00:00 Stream Start 00:44 Intro 03:30 Results from Winning on the green Mini Mega Millions! 08:08 How did the roundup boys do in the Mini Mega? 25:30 Feedback from the series: what’s good what’s bad what’s new 41:45 The player snack bar experience 46:20 How did the Mini Mega structure feel? 54:55 Berkey and Only Friends pod pile on the LA hate 1:05:34 Anniversary of Black Friday 1:14:44 Weekly Roundup: Spring series at the Gardens! Remember to subscribe and turn on notifications to catch each Roundup every week! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Ty's Twitter: Ty's Instagram: Derek's Twitter: Derek's YouTube: Derek's Instagram:​