733: OpenAssistant: The Open-Source ChatGPT Alternative, with Dr. Yannic Kilcher

Super Data Science: ML & AI Podcast with Jon Krohn

Nov 21 2023 • 1 hr 40 mins

Yannic Kilcher, a leading ML YouTuber and DeepJudge CTO, teams up with Jon Krohn this week to delve into the open-source ML community, the technology powering Yannic’s Swiss-based startup, and the significant implications of adversarial examples in ML. Tune in as they also unpack Yannic's approach to tracking ML research, future AI prospects and his startup challenges.

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In this episode you will learn:
• About OpenAssistant project [03:39]
• Alignment issues in open-source vs closed-source [08:36]
• Alternative formulas vital for crafting superior LLMs [20:29]
• Strategies to foster open-source LLM ecosystems [27:07]
• Yannic's pioneering work in legal document processing at DeepJudge [31:31]
• Comprehensive overview of adversarial examples [1:04:02]
• The future AI's landscape [1:18:08]
• Startup challenges [1:25:35]

Additional materials: www.superdatascience.com/733

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