725: Neuroscience + Machine Learning, with Google DeepMind's Dr. Kim Stachenfeld

Super Data Science: ML & AI Podcast with Jon Krohn

Oct 24 2023 • 1 hr 58 mins

Dr. Kim Stachenfeld, Research Scientist at Google DeepMind and Affiliate Professor at Columbia University, delves into the realms of AI and neuroscience as she discusses computer-based simulations of the human brain, the efficiency of language in compression, and the neuroscience theories shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Discover the secrets behind memory formation, cognitive enhancement, and the potential of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in this thought-provoking episode.

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In this episode you will learn:
• The importance of simulations in the context of human intelligence [05:44]
• The basic approach to simulating human intelligence or physical systems [09:30]
• Will simulations help us realize AGI? [37:21]
• The cross-disciplinary potential of LLMs [40:20]
• The special role of our brain’s hippocampus in memory formation [1:05:15]
• Kim's research on reinforcement learning and neural representation [1:15:02]
• Compression in representation learning [1:38:51]
• What skills should an aspiring computational neuroscientist hone [1:50:30]

Additional materials: www.superdatascience.com/725